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OEM Service

Base on China

Different Backplates for Display Hooks


Providing retail fittings from display hooks, wire baskets, wire dividers, and customized wire products.

Display Hooks
Stable Basket
Fours Basket

How do we grow your business?​

OEM service can be provided for you. Our highly skilled engineers design your products using state of the art software. We strive to over-deliver on your requirements and supply a product that exceeds your expectations.

Our sales and our follow-up service is one to one. If you have any question, we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Our Production

Img 20201030 143807

Quality control during mass production

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Lab for salt spray test

Figure4 1
Figure4 3

Surface Treatment-Galvanized | Electroplating | Powder Coated

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Img 20201110 135922
Img 20201110 135957

We currently have more than 1000 kinds of display hooks for the North American market, European market, North European market, and so on. We are in this shop fittings fields for more than 10 years, located in Hangzhou, China. Fully industrial experiences!

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After understanding the requirements, we will let our engineers help you to provide a completely free solution including design drawings
We usually reply your message within 6 bussiness hours.