Indoor Tabletop Plastic Showcard Poster Stand,Showcard Retail POS Stand,Bus stop stand,PS2

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Tabletop Plastic Showcard Poster Stand
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  • plastic T-piece
  • adjustable stem
  • base


Indoor Tabletop Plastic Showcard Poster Stand, Showcard Retail POS Stand

Novaday showcard poster stands,pS2 combined the plastic T piece,height-adjustable pole, and bottom metal base into a completed unit, which request to match with the plastic showcard frame. They are perfect for promoting merchandise stacked on display tables in convenience stores. The stainless steel stem is adjustable at the desired height.  

Why suggest to use a Tabletop Showcard Stand?

Easily change your graphics and signage when you need to with this showcard stand, also called a bus shop stand. Designed for indoor use, show card stands are ideal for displaying directions to help guide customers or to draw their attention to your deals and offers. It is available in a choice of colours to suit your business. This plastic showcard frame holder allows you to display literature either portrait or landscape and is height adjustable for maximum convenience.


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