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Industrial News

Fortifying PVC for the Cold: Enhancing Toughness with Innovative Toughening Agents

Enhancing PVC with toughening agents like acrylic modifiers, CPE, ABS, and elastomers improves its toughness and flexibility, especially in cold environments. This modification ensures durability in applications such as outdoor piping, automotive parts, and retail displays, maintaining performance in cold conditions

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Industrial News

Revolutionizing Retail: The Shift from Paper to Paperless Pricing Systems

Discover how retailers are transforming pricing strategies by shifting from paper tags to digital solutions. This move enhances pricing accuracy, customer engagement, and operational efficiency, while supporting sustainability. Explore the benefits, challenges, and future potential of electronic shelf labels in revolutionizing retail environments.

Plastic Label Holders | Rail for Electronic Price Labels (ESL)

Elevate Your Retail Efficiency with ESL Mounted Accessories

ESL mounting fittings are essential for retail efficiency, offering durability and versatility in diverse environments. Suitable for any setting, from cold storages to humid areas, these fittings ensure the longevity and optimal performance of electronic shelf labels, enhancing both store management and customer experience.

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Shelf Management System

Unveiling the Slow Motion Shelf Pusher

The Slow Motion Shelf Pusher is a highly effective and versatile tool for maintaining organized, attractive, and customer-friendly retail displays. Its gentle handling, durable construction, and customizable features offer significant advantages over traditional spring-loaded pushers, making it an excellent investment for a wide range of retail environments.

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Company News

Hangzhou Novaday at Shop 2024 MarketPlace: Unveiling the Future of Retail

Elevate Your Retail Experience
Step into a world where retail excellence is not just envisioned but realized. Novaday invites you to join us at Shop 2024 MarketPlace, where we unveil the next generation of retail solutions – from innovative shelf management to dynamic display props.

New Project Launched

Ultra Versatile Pro Shelf Pusher Tray vs. Regular Shelf Pusher Tray: A Comprehensive Comparison

In the competitive retail landscape, the choice of shelf management solutions can significantly impact product presentation and sales. This guide compares the innovative Pro Pusher Tray with the traditional Standard Shelf Pusher, highlighting how the right system can transform retail environments for enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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