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Forex Display Hangzhou Novaday 2
New Project Launched

Are you looking for POS Retail Forex Board Display Stands for your brands?

The Point of Purchase also known as the Point of Sale is the last stop that your customers will make when carrying out an acquisition. Having the right POP displays at the Point-of-sale can greatly improve your sales and cash flow. Unfortunately, most companies fail to take advantage of this opportunity by using the wrong POP displays or by simply not having an advertisement stand at all.

Pop Accessories

Point of Sales (POS) Accessories

Offering a range of POS components (shelf data strips, shelf managements system, shelf rolling system, shelf talkers, shelf sign holders ),that help you to get your promotions plan as easy and fast as possible.

Plastic Label Holders | Rail for Electronic Price Labels (ESL)

New revolution pricing presentation at the shelf edge-Mounting Solutions for Electronic Price Labels (ESL) system

Have you discovered the right fastening for your price labels?
Novaday will be happy to assist with you for the right fastening system for your digital price tags.
With many years of experience and a wide range of manufacturing options, we are the right partner for the fastening of electronic shelf labels.

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Shelf Management System


THE SHELF MANAGEMENT SHELF PUSHFEED SYSTEMS FOR THE POINT OF SALES,The great functional for the shelf management system, allows 100% visibility from the first to the last merchandises and always offer a tidy presentation for them.

Gravity Bulk Bin (1)
New Project Launched

Bulk Food Gravity Dispenser

These bulk food dispensers, also called gravity bins, can be used to hold several different types of food. There are a label holder and a false front on the front of this dry bulk container.

Blog Plastic Beverage Roller Holder
New Project Launched

Beverage Plastic Can Roller Holder

im at improving the comforted shopping environment for our customers, and saves retailers time to restock and keep the shelf organized. The commodity on the shelf can be always in the front.

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