Ultra-Versatile Pro Pusher

A Pusher for Every Product:

* Triple mounted ways * Most durable tray * Reduce Labor Cost

Take a look at Ultra-Versatile PRO Pusher !

Ultra-Versatile PRO PUSHER designed for the diverse and dynamic needs of today’s supermarkets and stores. Our Ultra-Versatile Shelf Pusher is engineered to enhance product visibility, streamline shelf management, and withstand the demanding conditions of any retail environment allows retailers to increase merchandising space and improve product visibility.Each item remains faced and visible to the customers for easy products selection.
Ultra-Versatile PRO PUSHER is not just a shelf organization tool; it is a comprehensive merchandising solution capable of enhancing the presentation and accessibility of a variety of products. From confectioneries to deli items, this shelf pusher is designed to meet the diverse needs of retailers and the aesthetic preferences of shoppers.


Magnetic mounted  


Ultra-Versatile PRO PUSHER  allows retailers to increase merchandising space and improve product visibility.Each item remains faced and visible to the customers for easy products selection.

Ultra-Versatile PRO PUSHER  is designed to ensure that products are always pushed forward to the front of the shelf, keeping them neatly organized and easily accessible to shoppers.

Ultra-Versatile PRO PUSHER  offers improved functionality and efficiency in product display and management.

Ultra-Versatile PRO Pusher System Delivers results:

Improved product presentation

Designed for durability

Anti-rust system

Ultra-Versatile PRO Pusher Trays

The Ultra Versatile Pro Pusher System stands out as a comprehensive solution for retail environments, designed to enhance product presentation, organization, and accessibility across all store elements. With its innovative design and interchangeable accessories, this system adapts to the ever-evolving needs of retail spaces, ensuring that every product, regardless of its placement, is displayed to its best advantage.


  • Interchangeable Accessories: The Pro Pusher system is equipped with a range of accessories, making it highly adaptable to various display settings. Whether it’s shelving units, counters, or specialty display areas, the system can be customized to fit, ensuring a cohesive and efficient presentation throughout the store.
  • Versatile Application: From the back bar mounted and shelf edge T-rail versions to the magnetic standard version, the Pro Pusher system is designed to seamlessly integrate into any retail environment. This versatility means that whether a store utilizes metal, wood, or any other shelving material, the system can be adapted to meet specific display needs.
  • Enhanced Store Aesthetics and Functionality: By allowing for quick changes and adjustments, the Pro Pusher system not only keeps products organized and accessible but also contributes to a clean, attractive store layout. This adaptability is key to maintaining an appealing shopping environment that can easily be updated for promotions, seasonal changes, or new product launches.
  • Universal Retail Solution: The ability to change accessories and adapt to different elements within the store makes the Pro Pusher system a universal solution for retail challenges. It addresses common issues such as product displacement, visibility, and accessibility, enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers while streamlining shelf management for staff.

In essence, the Ultra Versatile Pro Pusher System, with its customizable accessories, represents a significant advancement in retail display technology. It offers stores the flexibility to showcase their products in the most effective way possible, ensuring that every item, no matter where it’s located, captures the attention of shoppers and stands out in the competitive retail landscape.


slim tray


wide tray
  • Two Housing Angles: Choose between a 90-degree housing for a traditional vertical display or a 70-degree slanted housing, which can enhance the visibility of products on higher shelves.
  • Tailored Viewing Experience: The slight 2-degree inclination within the housing ensures that products are tilted towards customers for better visibility and easier access, especially effective in lower shelving units.

5 different Front Stoppers options

5 option front stopper
  • More Concerns:

    • Transparent Front Stoppers: Our pushers come with five models of clear front stoppers in two heights, 100mm and 50mm, maintaining product alignment while ensuring full visibility.
    • Versatile Merchandise Protection: These stoppers prevent products from falling forward, and the transparency ensures they do not obstruct branding or packaging designs.

    Extended Paddle Feature:

    • Wide Pusher with Extended Paddle: For merchandise with larger packaging, our wide pusher includes an extended paddle within the housing, providing additional support and ensuring even high-profile items are consistently pushed to the front.
    • High Specification Commodities: This feature is particularly beneficial for bulkier items, such as large boxes of chocolates or family-sized pizzas, ensuring stability and visibility regardless of the product’s size.

    Maximizing Shelf Efficiency:Our ultra-versatile pro shelf pusher system is not only about maintaining a neat shelf but also about maximizing product density. The adjustable features allow for efficient use of shelf space, accommodating more products and reducing the need for constant restocking.

    Incorporating this ultra-versatile pro shelf pusher into your store’s shelving system means investing in a solution that adapts to your changing inventory needs, enhances product visibility, and improves the overall shopping experience for your customers.

    By emphasizing the product’s adaptability across different commodities and store conditions, you can appeal to a broad audience of retailers. It’s also beneficial to provide case studies or examples of the shelf pusher in use in various retail settings to showcase its effectiveness and versatility.

Our Pro Pusher Premium system is a self-fronting solution with an automatic pusher that can be adapted to convert in two simple steps, shelf-mounted and bar-mounted .

Pro-pusher tray merchandising System is designed and manufactured with the most innovative accessories to increase facings, maximize visibility, enhance package billboarding,resulting in increased profitability,less time spent on maintenance means more time to deliver an exceptional customer experience. And the Pro Pusher Premium system is suitable for a full range of frozen, refrigerated and general merchandise products. 

Two verisons for the Pro Pusher Premium system is highly flexible for the merchandising plans,from shelving system to refridgerators. It provides operational benefits as less time is needed to keep the shelf neatly organised and front-faced, even on top and bottom shelves to avoid products are perceived to be out-of-stock and sales are lost. Pro Pusher Premium systemis suitable for chillers and freezers, and since the tray is compatible with the shelf T rail, it is easily installed on shelf. Dividers can be adjusted, which makes Pro Pusher Premium system easily adaptable to different packaging types and sizes. Complementing the Pro Pusher Premium range is the double-decker that is a two-tiered rack ideal for smaller containers such as sauces and cream cheese.

Increase sales and gross margins in your front end merchandisers

With Pro Pusher Premium merchandising system,maximize Retail Display Space and Your Return on Investment

img 6766

(1) TRIPLE Mounted Version

Triple mounted versions for shelf-mounted magnetic mounted and bar-mounted,is highly flexible for the merchandising plans,from shelving system to refridgerators.

img 6769

(4) Housing

2 degree of pusher housing,70 degree and 90 degree,extend product visibility.With the extended block,create more benefits from the products.

img 6768

(6) Safety Paddle Lock

Tray end with the paddle lock,greatly help to improve the safety of merchandises loading.

img 7777

(2) Slim & Wide Tray

Offering Slim pusher and Wide pusher tray,for 440mm and 490mm specifications, satisying more merchandises specifications


(3) Front Stopper Options

Offering 5 specifications of front stopper from 50mm height,100mm height and finger fronts.

img 6770

(5) Adjustable Dividers :

With two width options, accommodate products as narrow as candy bars or as wide as pizza boxes, ensuring a tailored fit for each item.

img 6771

(7) Ticket Holder

The removable ticket holder allows for various pricing (esl tags,paper priceing) and promotions.

Broad Commodity Applications:
  • Confectionery Display: Keep candies and chocolates attractively front-facing, encouraging impulse buys and reducing the clutter often associated with small, varied packaging.
  • Refrigerated Goods: Ideal for maintaining an orderly display of chilled items like pizza, salami, and hams, our shelf pusher withstands the cold and humid conditions of refrigerated displays without rusting.
  • Adjustable Widths: With two width options, accommodate products as narrow as candy bars or as wide as pizza boxes, ensuring a tailored fit for each item.
  • Magnetic Mounting: Quickly reorganize or swap out promotional displays, perfect for seasonal items or special offers on commodities like holiday chocolates or limited-edition snacks.
  • Durable in Varied Environments: Engineered to perform in both ambient and cold store environments, this shelf pusher maintains its integrity and functionality, ensuring that products are always at the forefront, whether on room temperature shelves or in refrigeration units.

One pusher for different goods in different packages:

Bagged candy & snacks, boxed items,refrigerated items,Frozen vegetables...

With the Ultra-Versatile PRO Pusher Trays,retailers are able to :

increase sales

Increased efficiency

Pro Pusher Premium optimises space and product presentation,increasing profitability

grow category

Grown categories

Pro Pusher Premium help to increase merchandise space.

1 optimized inventory

Optimized inventory

Reduce stocking and facing labor cost with enhanced inventory rotation for time-sensitive products

customers experience

Customers Experience

Create an attractive and enjoyable shopping experience.



It contributes to more sustainable retailing,reducing waste and taking care of our planets.