Backbar mounted Ultra-Versatile PRO Pusher Trays

A Pusher for Every Product:

The Ultra-Versatile Pro Pusher System is suitable for a full range of frozen, refrigerated and general merchandise products.

Whether it’s the delicate rows of artisanal chocolates, the savory selections of cured meats, or the diverse offerings of candies and snacks, our Ultra-Versatile Shelf Pusher adapts to them all. It’s the hero your shelves and your refrigerators need, with the ability to handle products of various sizes and weights with ease. And with its innovative 2-degree housing options—available in both 90-degree and 70-degree options—each product is not just pushed to the front but also presented at the perfect angle for customer engagement.


  1. Shelf tray options: slim and wide
  2. Trays depth: 440mm,490mm
  3. Adjust width: Slim tray from 90mm to 200mm, Wide Tray expands from 135mm to 340mm
  4. Various spring tensions available :6N |9N|12N
  5. Housing options in 70-degree and 90-degree options
  6. Front Stopper: 50mm and 100mm height
  7. Standard Color in black.



Backbar mounted Ultra-Versatile PRO Pusher Trays

Ultra Versatile Pro Pusher System: Back Bar Mounted Function

Maximize your shelf efficiency with our Ultra Versatile Pro Pusher System, featuring a back bar mounted design for universal compatibility with all existing shelving units. Our system includes a durable aluminum back bar and a unique U-shaped profile that allows the Pro Pusher to hang securely, enhancing product visibility and accessibility.

Key Features:

  • Universal Compatibility: Fits seamlessly across any shelving units, ensuring easy integration.
  • Innovative U-Shaped Profile: Enhances stability and display aesthetics, simplifying product restocking.
  • Easy Installation: Quick setup with no special tools required, making it an ideal upgrade for any retail environment.

Enhance your retail displays with minimal effort, keeping your products organized and attractive to customers. The Ultra Versatile Pro Pusher System is the perfect solution for maintaining efficient, high-performance product presentations.

Diverse Front Stoppers:

  • Transparent Front Stoppers: Our pushers come with five models of clear front stoppers in two heights, 100mm and 50mm, maintaining product alignment while ensuring full visibility.
  • Versatile Merchandise Protection: These stoppers prevent products from falling forward, and the transparency ensures they do not obstruct branding or packaging designs.

Extended Paddle Feature:

  • Wide Pusher with Extended Paddle: For merchandise with larger packaging, our wide pusher includes an extended paddle within the housing, providing additional support and ensuring even high-profile items are consistently pushed to the front.
  • High Specification Commodities: This feature is particularly beneficial for bulkier items, such as large boxes of chocolates or family-sized pizzas, ensuring stability and visibility regardless of the product’s size.


Maximizing Shelf Efficiency: Our ultra-versatile pro shelf pusher system is not only about maintaining a neat shelf but also about maximizing product density. The adjustable features allow for efficient use of shelf space, accommodating more products and reducing the need for constant restocking.

Incorporating this ultra-versatile pro shelf pusher into your store’s shelving system means investing in a solution that adapts to your changing inventory needs, enhances product visibility, and improves the overall shopping experience for your customers.

By emphasizing the product’s adaptability across different commodities and store conditions, you can appeal to a broad audience of retailers. It’s also beneficial to provide case studies or examples of the shelf pusher in use in various retail settings to showcase its effectiveness and versatility.

Adjustable Dividers :

With two-width options, accommodate products as narrow as candy bars or as wide as pizza boxes, ensuring a tailored fit for each item.

shelf edge t rail ultra versatile pro pusher trays

With an ultra-versatile Pro Pusher system, retailers save valuable retail space and can stock additional products per tray.

  1. The attractive, construction of a plastic divider and pusher paddle reduces overall weight and cost
  2. The uniform size of the pusher paddle and front product stop maintains consistency across packages and categories
  3. Pusher paddles extend to the back of try to hold more merchandise
  4. Divider ledge secures wide boxed and bagged products
  5. Expandable dividers allow to accommodate a wide variety of package shapes and sizes
  6. Three tray mounted styles are available:bar mounted ,magnetic mounted and shelf-rail-mounted
  7. Anti-rust system!


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