In-store Acrylic Displays Fabrication

You need more than just a retail visual acrylic fabrication factory, you need a professional retail equipment supplier who has been in the field for 10 years to build your brand and grow your profits. 

Let NOVADAY help you achieve business success.

What we concern for you

Find an alternative solution for in-store acrylic display units.
The displays needed to be sustainably produced to support the retail environmental and ethical values.
Longevity, durability and strength were key to ensure the sustainable alternation

Feature Products

acrylic price holders (1)

Acrylic Price Holders

acrylic sign holders

Acrylic Sign Holders

acrylic in store signges

In-store Signages

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Acrylic Food Trays & Holders

pos display stands

POS & POP Display Stands

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Acrylic Cosmestic Displays

Custom Solution

We always try our best to service well all of our clients, and our goal is to bring the add-value to them, Not just the product, Which helps them stand out in the market. We strongly believe that our client’s satisfaction is our success.
The key for us to keep offering excellent quality products and services for a long time is always keeping the interest & passion for acrylic manufacturing just like day one.
By using our expert manufacturing and fabrication facilities, we produced bespoke sustainable retail display solutions for your retail stores. Our solution covers every corners in your places.
Considering and suggesting based on requirements, usage scenarios, cost budges, target market, material suggestions, manufacturing process, branding, packaging, and shipping. So here is the one-stop acrylic manufacturer, and you are working with the acrylic expert when choosing Novaday Acrylic as a partner.

Professional Printing in UV printing & silk printing

Start With Low MOQ

Sample Ready in 3-5 Days

Fast Mass Production Reaction

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2. prototype


2.1 printing

Graphic Printing

3. material engraving

Acrylic Engraving



5. edge polished

Edge polished

6. heat bending

Heat Bending

7. worker gluing acrylic plates

Gluing polishing

Fire Polished

9. packages


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The key for us to keep offering excellent quality products and services for a long time is always keeping the interest & passion for acrylic manufacturing just like day one.
Our clients and us are pretty happy to see our products launched in the stores or any projects.
The satisfaction from our clients help to drive us to keep improve ourselves.We are not the perfect supplier,but we are always seeking for PERFECT.

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FAQs About In-store Acrylic Displays

Hangzhou Novaday has been in the field of retail supplys and fabrications for 6 years and we have encountered all kinds of problems, here are the most important concerns of our customers before closing the deal.

Where To Use Acrylic Signage in the retails stores?

Acrylic Signages and acrylic displays can be used in many commercial venues due to their diversity, durability, aesthetic beauty, and unmatched applications. Retail businesses can benefit a lot from acrylic fabrication if done the right way and placed in the most effective place.

How does the Acrylic Fabrication will improve your In-store Visual Merchandising?

A; In-store Visual merchandising is a revolution creative way to get your customers’ attention. While stores sometimes find it difficult to stand out from their competitors, you can depend on customized (PMMA)acrylic displays to make a unique statement, and showcase chosen stock items.

Acrylic fabrication come in a variety of shapes and sizes, colors and textures, layout and design. Your choice will reflect your stores uniqueness.

Where can you use acrylic displays to enhance your visual merchandising?

An appealing display at your point-of -purchase will showcase any stock item you choose from books to sweet treats to stationery, or any item you wish to promote.
Design and have counters and cabinets built to transform your stock displays into an optical pleasure. Apparel appears to float in the store and no unsightly shelves block your customer’s view.
Luxurious and expensive items can be displayed in lockable acrylic showcases adding an element of sophistication to your merchandise.
Display clothing, shoes and jewelry in stand-alone acrylic cabinets without having to use mannequins.
Its diversity and versatility makes acrylic ideal for designing unique installations for showcases, props, fixtures and window displays.

What makes acrylic fabrication so popular to display in stores?

It is aesthetically appealing, contributing to your customer’s visual experience. Heat and cold resistant and waterproof, making it perfect for outdoor use. Strong and durable means a greater return on your investment. Unrestricted malleability means that your imagination is your only limitation.
Light weight and therefore easy to move around.
Affordable and long lasting.

Acrylic displays reinforce proactive visual merchandising ?

Step ahead of your competition; grow your brand beyond simple repetition.
Highlight sale products, draw attention to new items, and help customers identify individual sections of your store.
Inspire impulse shopping by customers who are intrigued by your unique displays.

What is the difference between UV digital printing with Silk printing for the acrylic displays?

UV digital printing method in which ink is cured by ultraviolet rays. It does not change color and is scratch resistant. However, the acrylic plate cannot be bent after printing and is often used on things that do not require high product precision, such as some acrylic billboards and acrylic wine labels. Regarding of silk printing,under the pressure of the screening brush, the ink passes through the screen, so that the same pattern is printed on the surface of the acrylic. Its operation is simple, fast and cheap. The disadvantage is we can only print one color each time.

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