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Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) Plastic Mounted Accessories, more than 30 models

The mounted systems for electronic shelf labels are designed and developed to maximize the potential of the electronic labeling solutions, promoting the products and enhancing the point of sale.

Our range of ESL fasteners suit digital price tags of different brands,such as PRICER, SES-Imagotag,Hanshow,and so on.

We are constantly developing new designs and help our clients to develop the new designs to meet the requirements of the market.


Electronic Price Labels (ESL) individual holders

Besides the shelving areas,,there are other smart digital labels accessories for Deli area, promotional areas, and so on.All of these ESLs holder are designed and developed for present the digital price tags independently with the maximum visibility.  

ses imagotag vusion plastic shelf mounted rail for hmy shelving (5)
ses imagotag vusion plastic shelf mounted rail for tegometall shelving (5)

Electronic Price Labels (ESL) Shelf Rails

Profiles for shelves with super compact and transparent or Pantone color customized design,that have been developed to mount digital tags on the shelf edge. The profiles can hold the Electronic Price Labels (ESL) securely and ensure that digital tags are presented in the best possible way.

Also the profiles can provide many options to turn the shelf edge into a communication area, not only for price communication, but also to effective promotion and branding messages.

Novaday is launching the different shelf edge rails for using in the different brand of shelving system, like Tegometal ,HMY, CAEM shelving,Wanzl wire shelves,KIND shelves,and so on.

Advantages of Novaday Electronic Price Labels (ESL) fasteners:

√ quick and easy to install with the price tags
√flexible to mark special promotions or add additional information
√easy to read, no covers
√countless possibilities for presentation
√ With demand,Novaday develops customized solutions

Novaday Electronic Price Labels (ESL) fasteners are used in:

√  supermarkets,retails stores.
√  pharmacies, drugstores
√   gas stations
√  organic food stores

On-site Feedback Photos in China,Canada,France,Germany...

It is a suite of products designed to protect the electronic shelf labels and make the product visible with attention to the details and particulars.

It is suitable for any type of point of sale.

Novaday Esl Fitting For Display Hook (2)
Esl Pricer Shelf Talker Holder (9)
digital price tag rails
esl rail

How do we support your business?

OEM service can be provided for you
Running 3 production workshops.: plastic injection | extrusion lines | acrylic workshop
Our highly skilled engineers design your products using state of the art software. We strive to over-deliver on your requirements and supply a product that exceeds your expectations.
Our sales and our follow-up service is one to one. If you have any question, we will respond to you within 24 hours.
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Have you discovered the right fastening for your price labels?
Novaday will be happy to assist with you for the right fastening system for your digital price tags. 
With many years of experience and a wide range of manufacturing options, we are the right partner for the fastening of electronic shelf labels.
Contact us now and you will soon receive custom-fit fastening solutions for your electronic price tags.

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