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In-stores Signages | P.O.P Displays | Shelf edge strip infill strips

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In-stores Signages | P.O.P Displays | Shelf Infill Strips | Shelf Talkers

We print and offer the graphic design service and production to the P.O.P Displays, the shelf edges that display merchandises and the brand owners and retailors can help to sell more product. Designed to capture attention, they functionally help convert browsers into buyers. The in-store visual merchandising solutions help promote your brands and give them a competitive advantage.

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UV Printing vs Offset Printing Signages

Three of the most popular used printing methods are UV printing, offset printing and screen printing, and. Each process is unique in its own right, providing for high-quality printing on a variety of materials. We would like to show you the diversity of the printing industry and how your products benefit from these state-of-the-art processes.

Digital UV (Ultraviolet) Printing

Unlike solvent inks that air dry or cure using heat, UV ink instantly reacts to UV light, drying it quicker than any other current method. And the ink dries instantly, it does not have time to evaporate into the air or be absorbed into the material it is printed on. As a result, the printed color is more vibrant and can be printed on a variety of substrates. UV ink is as durable as it is vibrant. The design that is printed on your sign will be scratch and abrasion resistant, meaning that you won’t have to worry about the ink chipping from the material. Granted, if you purposefully try to remove the ink it will scratch with constant or very harsh abrasion.


  • Prints on virtually any surface
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Vibrant colors
  • Quick-drying



  • Very expensive equipment and printers
  • Ink can be brittle if not cured correctly
  • Ink does not dry flat

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a commonly used method to produce the magazines, flyers, brochures and so on.The assembly line integrates multiple printers in a row, which pages are cycled through. Each printing machine is designed to print only one color at a time in a CMYK format (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). This process uses ink instead of toner, making for a more vibrant, solid color. Offset printing is ideal for printing publications because the ink does not crack when the paper is bent or folded.



  • The ink used instead of solvents
  • Ink does not crack when folded
  • Can produce in extremely high quantities



  • Complicated setup of printers
  • High cost of printers
  • Typically for smaller format printing only

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We are running 3 sets of Swiss Q UV printing machines. For the sixth time in a row, this large format printer is the most popular product in its class.
Able to process with pvc foils, pvc sheet,acrylic sheet, magnetic foils.Manufacturing and Supplying the in-store signage, shelf edge infill strips, shelf talkers, shelf communication promotion printings.
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