Multipurpose Light Duty Merchandising Plastic Pushers,Cigarette Pack shelf pusher,#PUS-30

Item code
Item name
Spring-loaded Shelf Pusher
185mm |285mm | 385mm  (any lengths can be customized)
3N |6N


  1. The 30mm width Multipurpose Light Duty Merchandising Shelf Pusher System has a resistant push of 4 newtons, this is recommended for small lightweight products including tablets, cigarette packs, and cosmetic products such as make-up.
  2. A spring-loaded pusher that can be guaranteed with 30,000 times of pull and push, with anti-rust functions, which can offer versatility, strength, and corrosion resistance making it suitable for a wide range of districts across the supermarkets and stores.

    What other accessories are requested to make the spring-loaded shelf push feed system kit?


Multipurpose Light Duty Merchandising Plastic Pushers, Cigarette Pack shelf pushers

The versatile pushers are perfect for supermarkets, drugstores, convenience stores, and any retail environment looking to maximize shelf efficiency. Our plasti pushers are compatible with a wide array of products, from lightweight items like cosmetics and snacks to heavier goods such as beverages and canned foods.It engineered for optimal performance across diverse environments. From refrigerated sections to room temperature displays, these pushers are designed to function flawlessly, ensuring that your products are always front and center.

Customizable to fit various shelf sizes, Novaday’s shelf pushers are compatible with a range of accessories, including adjustable dividers and front and back T-rails. These optional enhancements allow you to create a tailored organization system that can adapt to different product types and sizes, ensuring a versatile and user-friendly display solution.

What products can you put in the spring-loaded shelf pushfeed system?

  1. Food and Beverages:
    • Packaged Snacks: Chips, nuts, and other snack items that need to remain visible and accessible.
    • Canned Goods: Soups, vegetables, and other canned products.
    • Bottled Products: Beverages, sauces, and condiments in various bottle sizes.
    • Refrigerated Items: Dairy products, meats, and other perishables stored in cooler sections.
  2. Health and Beauty Products:
    • Cosmetics: Lipsticks, mascaras, foundations, and other makeup items.
    • Skin Care Products: Lotions, creams, deodorant and facial cleansers.
    • Hair Care Products: Shampoos, conditioners, and hair styling products.
    • Pharmaceuticals: Over-the-counter medications and supplements.
  3. General Merchandise:
    • Office Supplies: Pens, notepads, and small office accessories.
    • Electronics Accessories: Cables, chargers, and small electronic devices.
    • Household Items: Small cleaning products, air fresheners, and other household goods.
    • Automotive Products: Car air fresheners, small maintenance items.
  4. Specialty Items:
    • Craft Supplies: Small crafting materials that can be easily pushed forward.
    • Jewelry and Accessories: Earrings, bracelets, and other small fashion items.
    • Pet Products: Small pet treats and toys.
  5. Seasonal and Promotional Items:
    • Gift Cards: Prominently displayed near checkouts or in promotional aisles.
    • Seasonal Decorations: Small seasonal items that benefit from high visibility.

This system is particularly useful for items that are prone to being disorganized or overlooked when pushed to the back of shelves. The spring mechanism ensures that all products are kept in a prime position for customer interaction, thus improving product visibility, enhancing customer experience, and potentially increasing sales.

What’s the benefit of using the spring-loaded shelf pushfeed system?

Using a spring-loaded shelf pushfeed system,offers a variety of benefits that can significantly enhance the efficiency and aesthetics of retail environments. Such as below advantages:

  1. Improved Product Visibility and Accessibility:
    • Always Front-Facing: Spring-loaded mechanisms ensure that products are always pushed to the front of the shelf, making them easily visible and accessible to customers. This helps in reducing the time customers spend searching for products and enhances their shopping experience.
    • Neat Presentation: Consistently front-facing products create a more organized and appealing shelf appearance, which can attract more customers and potentially increase sales.
  2. Enhanced Operational Efficiency:
    • Reduced Labor Costs: With products automatically pushed to the front, there’s less need for staff to constantly tidy shelves, allowing them to focus on other tasks. This can lead to lower labor costs and more efficient use of staff time.
    • Streamlined Inventory Management: Easier tracking of which products are selling and which are not, as low stock becomes immediately apparent when items fail to reach the front of the shelf.
  3. Increased Sales:
    • Impulse Buying: Well-organized and accessible products are more likely to catch the eye of the shopper, increasing the likelihood of impulse purchases.
    • Customer Satisfaction: Shoppers appreciate a store that looks well-maintained and where items are easy to find, which can lead to repeat customers and positive word-of-mouth.
  4. Versatility Across Products and Environments:
    • Adaptable to Various Merchandise: The system can be used for a wide range of products, from light items like snack bars to heavier items like bottles of juice.
    • Suitable for Various Environments: Designed to operate effectively in different store settings—from cold environments like refrigerated sections to standard room-temperature aisles.
  5. Long-lasting and Low Maintenance:
    • Durability: The use of high-quality, anti-rust springs and robust plastics ensures that the pushfeed system can withstand regular use without significant wear and tear.
    • Minimal Upkeep: Once installed, the spring-loaded system requires minimal maintenance, saving further on operational costs.


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