Multipurpose Light Duty Merchandising Plastic Pushers,Cigarette Pack shelf pusher,#PUS-30

Product Code: PUS-30
Technical: Injection
Length:185mm/285/385mm (any lengths can be customized)
Color: Grey
Spring tension:3N /6N
Feature: The 30mm width Multipurpose Light Duty Merchandising Shelf Pusher System has a resistant push of 4 newtons, this is recommended for small lightweight products including tablets, cigarette packs, and cosmetic products such as make-up.
Mounted on T-rail at the front and the OBR+ rail at the back.


Multipurpose Light Duty Merchandising Plastic Pushers, Cigarette Pack shelf pushers

Keep your products at the front of your shelves at all times and always in sight of your customers using a retail pusher system, which can be easily attached to your shelves. Using a pusher can save you and your business time and energy, as well as keep your store looking professional. A product pusher system also eliminates the problem of out-of-reach products. Our Multipurpose light duty merchandising Shelf Pusher System works with our T rails and dividers (supplied separately).

What’s the benefit of using the spring-loaded shelf pushfeed system?

  • Saving the time and labor cost, with the high efficiency to restock the merchandises, and all the merchandises will be stayed in front all the time.
  • With our pusher system, your shelving system or refrigerators will be tidier, providing a good and safe shopping experience to your shoppers.
  • No matter which depth for the shelving or furniture,we can do the length customized for your equipment.
  • Multipurpose Light Duty Merchandising Plastic Pushers to keep retail shelving tidy and professional
  • Choose from a variety of sizes that are suitable for many products.
  • Ensures your products are faced up and tidy at all times saving staff time and energy

What products can you put in the spring-loaded shelf pushfeed system?

You can use the product pusher to hold a wide range of products such as e-liquids, cigarettes, cosmetics, and packets of painkillers. For larger or wider goods, you can attach additional pushers to keep them in place between dividers. The table below has a list of the sort of products that are suitable for use with this kit due to their weight.


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