Spring-loaded Common Products Plastic Pushers,deodorant,shampoo,tooth paste Pack shelf pusher,#PUS-35H

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Spring-loaded Shelf Pusher
  • 103x40mm
  • 65x40mm
285mm | 385mm |485mm (any lengths can be customized)
3N |6N |9N |12N
Feature: We offer a spring-loaded pusher that can be guaranteed with 30,000 times of pull and push, with anti-rust functions, which can offer versatility, strength, and corrosion resistance making it suitable for a wide range of districts across the supermarkets and stores.

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Spring-loaded Common Products Plastic Pushers, deodorant,shampoo, toothpaste Pack shelf pusher

What is a Spring-loaded shelf pusher?

Spring-loaded plastic pushers are mechanical devices designed to facilitate the organized and controlled presentation of products on retail shelving. These pushers consist of a spring mechanism that exerts force on the rear of the product, gradually advancing it forward as items are removed from the front. The key components of spring-loaded plastic pushers typically include:

  1. Spring Mechanism: The spring-loaded feature allows for consistent and gentle forward movement, ensuring that products are neatly organized and displayed at the shelf edge.

  2. Plastic Construction: The pusher components are often made of durable plastic, which is lightweight, cost-effective, and versatile for various retail display applications.

  3. Adjustable Design: Many spring-loaded plastic pushers can be adjusted to accommodate different product sizes and shapes, providing flexibility for retail environments with varying merchandise.

  4. Compatibility with Retail Shelving: These pushers are designed to be compatible with standard retail shelving systems, making them easy to integrate into existing displays.

  5. Smooth Advancement: The spring-loaded mechanism enables smooth and controlled product advancement, contributing to an organized and visually appealing presentation.


Overall, spring-loaded plastic pushers are a popular choice for retailers seeking to maintain orderly and attractive displays while ensuring the efficient replenishment and presentation of merchandise.


What’s the benefit of using the spring-loaded shelf pushfeed system?

  • Saving time and labor costs, with the high efficiency to restock the merchandise, and all the merchandise will stayed in front all the time.
  • Spring-loaded Common Products Plastic Pushers to keep retail shelving tidy and professional
  • Ensures your products are faced up and tidy at all times saving staff time and energy
  • Choose from a variety of sizes that are suitable for many products.
  • With our pusher system, your shelving system or refrigerators will be tidier, providing a good and safe shopping experience to your shoppers.
  • No matter which depth for the shelving or furniture,we can do the length customized for your equipment.

What products can you put in the spring-loaded shelf pushfeed system?

You can use the product pusher to hold a wide range of products such as e-liquids, cigarettes, cosmetics, and packets of painkillers. For larger or wider goods, you can attach additional pushers to keep them in place between dividers. The table below has a list of the sort of products that are suitable for use with this kit due to their weight.


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