Aluminum Hanging Poster Rails | Aluminum Suspended Snap Bars

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Aluminum Suspended Snap Bars
Customized length
Color Silver,black or pantone colors
1pcs/bag,20bags/ carton


Aluminum Hanging Poster Rails | Aluminum Suspended Snap Bars

Suitable for all types of large hanging posters and banners
1 Set includes 1 top rail with eyelets and end caps, and 1 bottom rail with end caps.
Multiple lengths are available from stock, and custom sizes can also be arranged.
Length can be customized base on the poster size.
The material is aluminum oxide.

The features for aluminum poster snapping bars

Quite simply, poster snapping bars is the aluminum hanging bars designed to securely hold the top and bottom edge of your display material. The silver or black aluminum gives a minimalist and sleek look and we’ve now added to our range to include wooden poster hangers which give a different aesthetic to your display. The bottom bar of each set is weighted to hold your print or banner taut and both top and bottom bars are lined to ensure your print isn’t damaged.

The aluminum snapping bars are hugely popular because they look great, wear well, and are exceptionally easy to put together. Use our aluminum hanging bars for most materials, either to hang from the wall or ceiling, and use poster clamps for heavier displays. Aluminum hanging bars are the best choice for especially large or wide banners. As specialist providers of hanging wire systems, we also offer an excellent range of hangers, cables, and suspension kits.


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