Plastic Clamps Clip for electronic shelf label holders,#CP-3

Our wide range of ESL attachment solutions fits most shelving systems on the market. The ESL holders are easy to use and offer protection for labels to endure the wear-and-tear of the retail environment. With flexible solutions for shelves, and a full range of single holders, there is a suitable fixture for every placement.
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Plastic Clamps for electronic shelf label holders

The clamp for Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) serves a crucial role in retail environments, streamlining the presentation and management of pricing and product information. Here’s an overview of its primary functions and usage:

Secure Mounting

The primary function of the clamp is to securely attach ESLs to various types of shelving or display fixtures. This ensures that the labels are stable and remain in place, even in high-traffic areas where they might be subjected to bumps or jostling. By providing a firm grip, the clamp minimizes the risk of the ESL falling or shifting, which could lead to mispricing or misplaced product information.

Flexible Placement

Clamps allow for the flexible positioning of ESLs on different parts of the shelving unit. Whether it’s at the edge, center, or any other strategic location, clamps enable the ESLs to be placed where they are most visible and effective. This adaptability is particularly useful in retail settings where product placements and layouts frequently change.

Easy to Adjust and Reconfigure

Retail environments are dynamic, with promotions and product layouts changing regularly. Clamps make it easy to adjust the position of ESLs quickly and without tools. This means that store employees can swiftly update the positioning of labels in response to changes in inventory, promotions, or store layout, enhancing operational efficiency.

Protects the Integrity of ESLs

By using a clamp, the ESLs are protected from physical damage and wear. The clamp acts as a shield, reducing direct exposure to handling and environmental factors like dust or moisture. This protection helps extend the life of the ESLs, ensuring they remain functional and presentable for longer periods.

Enhances Aesthetic Uniformity

Clamps contribute to a neat and organized display by maintaining a uniform appearance for ESLs across the shelving. This uniformity is important for creating a professional and appealing store environment, which can influence customer perceptions and enhance their shopping experience.


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