ESL removal tool,universal extractor for digital price tags

Optimize your retail operations with Novaday’s Universal Extractor for Digital Price Tags. This tool is essential for safely removing electronic shelf labels (ESLs) from their mounts, compatible across various models and brands. Ideal for supermarkets and retail stores, it ensures quick updates and minimal downtime, enhancing efficiency and protecting your ESL investments. Perfect for any store seeking streamlined operations.

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ESL Extractor
Remove the digital tags from the mounted accessories
 Blue | Green | Customzied for any RAL colors


ESL removal tool,universal extractor for digital price tags


Functions of the Universal Extractor for Digital Price Tags

  1. Safe Removal: The primary function of the universal extractor is to safely detach digital price tags (ESLs) from their mounted fittings. This is crucial in preventing damage to both the ESLs and the mounting hardware during the removal process.
  2. Compatibility: Designed to work with various models and brands of ESLs, the universal extractor is versatile. This compatibility ensures that retailers can use the same tool across different types of ESLs installed in their stores.
  3. Efficiency in Updating Displays: When products are moved, discontinued, or when displays are reorganized, the extractor facilitates quick and efficient removal of ESLs, streamlining the process of updating and rearranging product information displays.
  4. Ease of Use: The tool is designed for ease of use, requiring minimal effort or technical knowledge. This allows any staff member to operate it, reducing the need for specialized training.

Advantages of the Universal Extractor for Digital Price Tags

  1. Protection of Investment: By enabling safe removal of ESLs, the extractor helps protect the investment in digital pricing technology by minimizing the risk of damage during removal, which can extend the lifespan of the ESLs.
  2. Cost Savings: Using the universal extractor avoids the need for multiple tools for different types of ESLs, reducing equipment costs. Additionally, by preventing damage to ESLs and mounts, it saves on potential replacement and repair costs.
  3. Operational Efficiency: Streamlining the process of removing and reattaching ESLs makes it faster to update store layouts and pricing, which can be particularly beneficial in retail environments where promotions and product placements frequently change.
  4. Reduced Downtime: Quick and efficient removal and reattachment of ESLs mean less downtime for updating displays, ensuring that the latest pricing and product information is always available to customers.
  5. Enhanced Flexibility: The tool’s ability to work with a variety of ESLs adds flexibility to store operations, allowing staff to quickly adapt shelf arrangements and pricing displays without being hindered by technical limitations.


By integrating a universal extractor for digital price tags into their operations, retailers can enhance the management of their ESL systems, ensuring that changes in pricing and product information are reflected promptly and accurately in the store, ultimately contributing to a better shopping experience for customers.


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