Gondola Shelf Roller Track System

Increase your category sales in a multitude of store environments.


Gravity Roller Shelf System for Gondola Shelf

  • Installs on existing gondola or wire shelves.
  • The build-in bracket will create the perfect angle for optimum performance.

Gondola Shelf Roller Track System delivers full visibility of products and allows shoppers to make selections quickly and easily, as it ensures products are always fronted to the shelf edge.

Lane dividers easily adjust to any categories & package type. Ideal for beverages, dairy, cleaning products, and convenience items.

Gondola Shelf Roller Track System will not only improve your bottom line by boosting the category sales-it will also minimize time spent re-merchandising. The roller units are self-cleaning and remove the dust when they are rotating.

Activation of the top and bottom shelf.


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