Gravity Shelf Roller Track Overlays

  • The shelf Roller track overlays installs on existing shelves with angles or refrigerators.
  • Components kit: wire dividers ,front stopper
  • Any specifications can be customized
  • Color in grey and black.


Gravity Shelf Roller Track Overlays

  • The shelf Roller track overlays installs on existing shelves with angles or refrigerators.
  • Components kit with wire divders, transparent front stoppers.


Gravity Shelf Roller Track Overlays delivers full visibility of products and allows shoppers to make selections quickly and easily, as it ensures products are always fronted to the shelf edge.

An auto-fronting shelf roller track system, also known as a gravity roller track, is a specialized shelving solution designed to provide efficient and organized storage and display for various types of merchandise. This system utilizes inclined rollers to enable products to flow smoothly and effortlessly along the shelves by means of gravity. And it is particularly beneficial for optimizing product visibility, reducing out-of-stocks, and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Here are the key characteristics and benefits of a shelf roller track system:

  1. Gravity-Assisted Movement: The roller track system leverages the force of gravity to allow products to move along the shelves with minimal effort, promoting smooth and consistent flow of merchandise.
  2. Space Utilization: The roller track system maximizes shelf space utilization by providing a gravity-assisted display that doesn’t require manual adjustment, enabling retailers to efficiently showcase products and prevent dead spaces on the shelves.
  3. Enhanced Visibility: By facilitating constant movement and forward presentation of merchandise, the roller track system improves the visibility and accessibility of products, providing customers with a clear view of available items and encouraging engagement.
  4. Reduced Labor and Restocking Efforts: Since the roller tracks promote automatic forward movement of products, they reduce the need for frequent manual restocking, allowing staff to focus on other critical tasks and customer service.
  5. Customizable Designs: Roller track systems are available in various configurations and are adaptable to different shelving setups, allowing for customized installations to suit specific product types and retail environments.


Overall, a shelf roller track system provides retailers with an efficient and space-saving solution for organizing and displaying merchandise, promoting product flow, and improving the overall shopping experience for customers.


Here are some examples of merchandise categories that could be effectively utilized with the auto-fronting Shelf Roller Track system:

  1. Beverages: Bottled drinks, canned beverages, and other packaged beverages benefit from the auto-fronting system as it ensures that products move smoothly to the front of the shelf, maintaining a well-stocked display.
  2. Packaged Snacks: Snack items such as chips, cookies, and other packaged snacks can be effectively merchandised using the Shelf Roller Track system, ensuring that products remain organized and readily accessible to customers.
  3. Canned Goods: Canned food items, including soups, vegetables, and fruits, are suitable for the auto-fronting system, providing a neat and organized presentation while minimizing the risk of items being pushed to the back of the shelf.
  4. Household Supplies: Items such as cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, and other household essentials can benefit from the Shelf Roller Track system, ensuring that products are consistently front-facing for easy customer access.
  5. Health and Beauty Products: Various health and beauty items, including skincare products, cosmetics, and personal care items, can be effectively merchandised using the auto-fronting system to maintain a visually appealing and accessible presentation.
  6. Small Packaged Goods: Items such as travel-sized toiletries, condiments, and other small packaged goods can be efficiently managed with the Shelf Roller Track system, contributing to a well-organized and easily navigable display.
  7. Pet Supplies: Pet food, treats, and other pet care products can be effectively merchandised using the auto-fronting system, ensuring that products are consistently positioned at the front of the shelf for customer convenience.


It’s important to note that the specific suitability of merchandise for the Shelf Roller Track system may vary based on the design, dimensions, and weight capacity of the system. Additionally, certain fragile or irregularly shaped products may require customized solutions for optimal presentation and organization.


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