Hangzhou Novaday Speedy-Back Metal Peg Hook With Scan Hook

Part # Wire Diameter Wire Size Speedy-Back Color Stem Length
160874 0.186″ 7 gauge Beige 4″
160876 0.186″ 7 gauge Beige 6″
160878 0.186″ 7 gauge Beige 8″
160844 0.212″ 4 gauge Gray 4″
160846 0.212″ 4 gauge Gray 6″
160848 0.212″ 4 gauge Gray 8″
160842 0.212″ 4 gauge Gray 12″


Extremely popular metal peg hook that comes complete with our reinforced Speedy-Back Plastic Adapter. For use in common 1 inch on center pegboard or standard slatwall that displays both product and pricing information. Simply hang the Speedy-Back Adapter in place and then attach the metal hook from a straight entryway – thus no need to disrupt nearby merchandise. Straight entryway with adapter makes for convenient installation, removal and relocation under shelves or on loaded displays. Right angle scan hook in front accepts our Info Strip Label Holders For Scan Hooks (sold separately).

  • Speedy-Back Adapters are compatible with other manufacturers’ metal hooks
  • Labor-saving two-piece design
  • Use with a variety of package hole styles
  • Bottom hook is “downturn” style for added safety
  • Additional Speedy-Back Adapters available
  • Peg Hook Product Stops available
  • Speedy-Back Adapters are made of strong, glass filled nylon
  • Hooks are zinc plated steel material
  • Other sizes and finishes available
  • Packaged 25 metal hooks and 25 plastic adapters per bag, unassembled


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