Magnetic Shelf T Divider,#DIV125

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Magnetic Divider
  • 80x600mm
  • 80×800mm
  • 125x800mm
  • 125×600mm
PVC+Magnetic Band


Magnetic Shelf T Divider

Magnetic shelf T dividers are durable, non-adhesive divider that keeps products organized on the shelf. Magnetic shelf T dividers provide a quick and easy way to organize your store’s shelving by cleanly separating merchandise, keeping them from mixing together and confusing the customer. Magnetic dividers can be installed throughout the shelf and, unlike adhesive dividers, are easily removed or repositioned.

We offer the shelf T dividers to help your shelf and business, improve the customers’ shopping experience, to help to boost your sales.

Novaday is offering a wide range of partition products, not just shelf T dividers, but also the injected dividers, and shelf L dividers, if you are not sure what shelf divider is right for your in-store product merchandising needs, contact us today for help! From POS to shelf management, we are your expert.


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