Reflex Ticket Holders,Reflex Sign Holders,Reflex Arm Fitting Sign Holders Clear #ARM8580

The reflex sign holder is a flexible way to display your product information at the end of retail rails.

Compatible with 98% of retail rails and will stretch to fit almost any design.

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Reflex Sign Holder |Reflex Graphic Holder
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For hanging arm |For wire display hook
Polycarbonate |PET-G
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Reflex Ticket Holders, Reflex Graphic Holders, Reflex Arm Fitting Sign Holders Clear

What is the Reflex Sign Holder?

A reflex sign holder is used at the end of a clothing rail and is a must-have addition for any retail store. Design your own point of sale displays for promotions, prices, and special offers, then put the paper or card into the transparent ticket holders at the end of your rails. Get the customers’ attention to your newest product ranges and incredible sales promotions. It is great to use in fashion, sports apparel, and other clothing retail stores.

How do I put my graphics in the plastic ticket holder?

It is easy to update and replace your ticket holders by using the top opening, which has a thumb notch for easy access.


What is the Reflex Sign Holder made from?

The Reflex Graphic Holder is manufactured using robust, flexible, clear plastic that bounces back quickly if it is knocked by a customer. It is available in three sizes: A5, A6, and 85cm x 80cm.


Is the Reflex Graphic Holder compatible with my garment rail?

Thanks to the ‘reflex’ silicone rubber backing, which attaches to your garment rail using a built-in joint, this plastic sign holder can stretch to fit 98% of all retail rails.


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