Shelf edge strip,Electronic shelf label rails,Electronic shelf label holder,#ESL-TPH09

Item code
Item name
Adhesive  Scanning rail
For C-channel, Present the digital price tag
back clip height
Transparent |off-white


The ESL plastic rail is made of plastic (PVC) , PVC Profiles for shelves with super compact and transparent or Pantone color customized design, created to reduce to a minimum the visual impact of the label support and increase the visibility of the products on the shelf.

Various rail backs are also available here, allowing the ERL rail to be fastened to almost any type of rail. The glass-clear front of the rail protects the labels from water, dirt, dust, and access by third parties, and allows unrestricted views of the electronic price tags. Accordingly, it is still possible to read bar codes with a scanner through the rail.



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