Refrigerator Candy Bar Holder Suction Cups Clear cooler door shelf

Item name
Visual Food Bins
4 pcs of suction cups + bin
Outer size
210x120x70mm (8.27″x4.72″x2.76″)
Storge size
160x93x65mm (6.3″x3.66″x2.6″)


Most buying decisions are made at the point of sale that the way the merchandise is displayed had a great impact on the success of selling those items. By making merchandise easy to see and access, impulse sales will increase.

Nova-day provides an attractive way to display the highlight of your products. A simple solution for display bulk or beverage merchandise. With clear construction provides a clean and attractive presentation of products.4 pcs of heavy-duty suction cups that can strongly adsorb on the smooth surface, like glass or fridge glass door.




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