The Production for Shelf Edge Strips

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Improving the plastic extrusion strips production,offering the PVC,PET strips as easy and fast as possible.

Commercial extrusion strips like plastic PVC label profiles appears in China at end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century.

In the beginning, Southern China manufacturers got the technology imported and spread to the Yangzi Rivier delta. We Hangzhou Novaday is one of the professional extrusion strips producers for the shelf edge label strips in this industry.

We started from 12 extruders for producing the single color, solid extrusion 10 years ago, to 55 series with multiple colors, co-extrusion, soft, and PC, ABS materials, also faster than before.

Label Profile For Wire Basket

Year by year, cold extrusion with water channel cooling system on interior decoration and construction are more and more popular. Also, it can be guaranteed the largest production capacity and the stability of the product while the plastic label profile came out from the extrusion machine.In 24 hours, we can reach 15,000 meters for the largest production capacity.

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, PVC material can not be recycled. We have been paying attention to and trying to use PET environment-friendly material for the production of the extrusion process. By changing the screw structure of the extruder, we have realized that part of the extruder can use PET material. And PET material can completely replace PVC, and widely used in many shelf edge strips for gondolas, electronic shelf label mounted rails, and so on.

Adhesive Prie Strip Production
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